Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR II 3.5-21x50 FFP G3 Mil Rifle Scope

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Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR II 3.5-21x50 FFP G3 Mil Rifle Scope

Brand new to 2017 is the long-awaited Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR II 3.5-21×50. The Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR II 3.5-21×50 has long been anticipated and takes features from the Bushnell ERS & LRHS range of scopes and moulds them together to bring you a new and updated Bushnell Elite Tactical. Still measuring less than 13” inches in length the Bushnell DMR II offers more performance than any scope in its class.

The Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR II 3.5-21×50 FFP scope provides long-range precision without sacrificing short-range capability. The Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR 2 3.5-21×50 FFP features 30 MILS of internal adjustment with 10 Mils per revolution. The DMR II turret system all features the trademarked RevLimiter Zero Stop which ensures the shooter to came return back to a decided zero point. 

The new G3 reticle provides precision holdovers at any range and also allows shooters to more quickly engage moving targets. The new built-in Throw Hammer™ Lever makes magnification changes a snap with the flick of a finger. The elevation turret provides 10 mils of adjustment per revolution and is also equipped with the easy-to-set RevLimiter™ zero stop for a positive return to zero.

The features on the new DMR II/HDMR scopes add up to more time looking through your scope and less time adjusting it. The only thing more fun than drilling a target 1,000 yards away is doing it faster and more efficiently.

  • Available with G3 (ET36215G) or Horus H-59 Reticles (ET36215H)
  • Throw Hammer™ lever
  • T-Lok™ locking windage turret
  • RevLimiter™ zero stop
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • 34mm tube diameter

More Information

More Information
Brand Bushnell
Popularity Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR II 3.5-21x50 FFP G3 Mil Rifle Scope
SKU ET36215G
Highest Magnification 21x-30x
Minimum Parallax 50yd-∞
Objective Lens Diameter 50mm
Reticle Plane First
Tube Diameter 34 mm
Turret Click Value 0.1 MRAD (cm)


Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR II 3.5-21x50 FFP G3 Mil Riflescope Specifications
  • Finish: Matte
  • Power x Obj. Lens: 3.5€“21x 50
  • Reticle: G3 
  • Lens Coating: Fully Multi-Coated & Ultra Wide Band Coating
  • RainGuard HD: Yes
  • Tube Diameter: 34mm
  • Parallax Adjustment: Side down to 50m
  • Field of View: ft@100yds/m@100m 25.3/8.4@1x / 5.1/1.7@6.5x
  • Weight: oz/gr 34/ 920
  • Length: in/mm13.2 / 335
  • Eye Relief: in/mm3.74 / 95
  • Exit Pupil: mm10.4@3.5x / 2.4@21x
  • Click Value: in.@100yds/mm@100m0.34 / 10
  • Adj Range: in.@100yds/mm@100m
  • 30 mils up / 20 mils LR
  • Mounting Length: in/mm6 / 154
  • Focal Plane: First


Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR II 3.5-21x50 FFP G3 Mil Rifle Scope Features


Argon purging is a more effective purging method than traditional nitrogen. Argon has a higher gravity, delivering a more complete seal. This provides ultimate water-and-fog proofing while helping keep your glass clean and firmly in place. It will withstand complete immersion in water or anything else the harshest environments can throw at it.


All air-to-glass surfaces feature multiple layers of anti-reflective coating. Fully multi-coated optical systems deliver the brightest, highest-contrast images with the least amount of eye strain because only a very small percentage of light is lost before it reaches the viewer's eye.


This patented, permanent, water-repellent coating causes moisture from rain, snow, sleet and condensation to bead up and scatter less light, so you get a clear, bright view when other optics would be rendered useless.


Ever notice that your crosshairs appear to move around to different points on your target? This is called “parallax error” (target and reticle are not in the same focal plane). Side Parallax adjustment allows for parallax compensation by moving an optical element until the target (based on its distance) appears in the same plane of focus as the reticle.


An anti-reflection coating process that is customized for every lens element in the optical path, in order to allow the best possible light from the front glass all the way back to the eyepiece. The result? Optimum brightness and true colour across the light spectrum.


The Bushnell DMR II features a G3 Reticle

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